Sunday, 6 June 2010

Say Cheese...

This isn't a post about cheese. However I do like cheese, my favourites at the moment are roquefort and reblochon. Om nom nom. I'm also partial to a good cheese fondue.

This is a post about my new camera. My canon powershot G10.

In a word it is amazing.

I'm not used to having anything more than a simple point-and-shoot digital camera, so being able to take proper photos and change settings is amazing.

Lucky for me a friend of mine has a similar camera so has been showing me how to use some of the functions. I'm trying to think of the best times to take the camera out to practice taking photos. In all honesty I just want to leave all my work to one side and spend a week playing with the camera.

I have a presentation to do on Friday and I think I'm going to reward myself by hopefully baking a cake at a friends house (and taking photos of it!). I might also have a trek around London to take some nice photos. Does anyone have any recommendations of places which are particularly good for photography around London?

Lily xXx


Unbiased Opinion. said...

I love Camden market! You could also try going on the London Eye and taking pictures from up there? I suspect all the tourist-y places are nice but apart from that, I can't be of much help. Good luck anyway.

Tofu said...

if you have a very steady hand, or a tripod (so you can go for the longer exposure time) you can consider going along the thames from westminister walking back down to london bridge is actually really pretty at night.. well if you like lights.

if you want a bit of greenery, my favourite park in london has to be Kenwood House and the patch of hampstead heath surrounding it. (You can then slip off to the hampstead creperie! mmmmmmmmm)

Lily said...

Mmmmm... pancakes!