Monday, 28 June 2010

Halfway There

Finishing an exam when you still have more to do is such a confusing feeling. Part of me wants to run around in circles and celebrate and the other part thinks "meh, not another bloody exam after this one... just. can't. take. it. any. more."

On the plus side I am halfway through exams now, and all the way through my written exams. I'm so bad as gauging how I've done in exams. I should find out the result of this pretty soon though. Apparently before my OSCE in a fortnight.

It stuns me how the university administration get away with being so useless.

In most companies if you consistantly missed targets and deadlines people would be sacked. It just isn't acceptable. However at uni its the norm. Results are rarely out on time. Placements are never out on time, neither are allocations to special study components... which also always seem to get messed up somehow. Last term I was told I hadn't got any of my shortlisted topics and given a new list to pick from, which included my top 5 choices. Something clearly went wrong there.

If I thought everyone would do it, I would suggest that the whole year boycotted something to show them how unacceptable it is. How would they feel if we turned up at OSCEs 3 days late because we were pretty busy otherwise?

Any bets on when I'll actually get my results? Also taking bets for when placement details for next year are released. They were originally due weeks ago, then the deadline got moved to last Friday and they're still not out. Pfft.

Lily xXx


alhi said...

I have to speak up here being a lecturer at a university! Very often the university does set down deadlines for the release of results, but exam marks also have to be approved by an external examiner who often is swamped with their own marking and so, deadlines are sometimes missed. Equally, illness can play a part: right now I'm too junior to be an external examiner, but if I was then the exam marks would have been delayed as I'm recovering from a bad bout of chicken pox(!) - I certainly wasn't in a fit state to do any marking once the spots came out. So, sometimes it's not the home university's fault if results don't come out on time (the other examples you give are shocking by the way!).

Lily said...

It's all multiple choice so the computer just chucks out a number and then they have a big meeting to discuss how they're going to adjust the marks.

Although I can understand something like that being delayed occasionally, but it's literally every deadline that they set themselves.

Hope your chicken pox are better!!!

Emma said...

Frankly I'm impressed that you find out your placements this early. We won't find them out til halfway through August at best.

Sengcheek said...

Your placements are out

Anonymous said...


Yes but if this happens every year, you would think they would learn to push the deadline back to make allowances. Then if nothing goes wrong, they can release the results "early"!