Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Catch Up

Once I get on a roll with work it would be a bad thing to stop myself, and stop the flow. This means I always have a lot of catching up to do after a couple of days hard work. I have lots of washing, washing up and catching up with blogs.

My presentation went OK, except for the time when I had to massively blow my nose in the middle of it because it was running rather unattractively. We got amazing free sandiwches during the presentations from my fav sandwich shop. There are more presentations next week that I'm going to watch just to get the free sandwiches.

Talking of freebies, I know its unethical, but a friend of mine went to conference last week and sent me a massive package of amazing free stuff from drug companies. I've figured it's OK to use it all as I have no idea what any of them are. There is even a pedometer with a heart rate monitor and calorie counter, as well as a stress ball, some USB sticks, pens, pads and my very own purple tourniquet!

As I worked hard for the last couple of days I allowed myself a blissful lie in this morning, so I should really get my bottom into gear and have a shower and get dressed if I want to make it in for the clinic I have timetabled. It would be much nicer to just stay in bed though!

Lily xXx

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Helen said...

heh heh I LOVE freebies from drug companies - pens and post its especially!