Thursday, 17 June 2010

Revision Hot Spots

I can never decide the best place to revise.

Bed always seems like a good option, but I usually end up falling asleep. I've decided to save bed for early morning "reading" revision, when I can read some notes in bed with breakfast but nothing more or I sleep all day.

My flat is nice and quiet for revision, but I get distracted by the internet and watching 4od. They have this amazing program called Pussies Galore, which isn't porn, it's a program about crazy cat people. I love it and watch it whenever I'm bored, along with cook yourself thin.

The library seems like a sensible place to revise. Then again I spend 45mins getting there and 45mins getting back. It's really noisy. I also tend to see people I know and then 5 min coffee breaks turn into afternoons in Starbucks.

When it's sunny I like to go to the park and revise in the sunshine, but I soon end up distracted and day dreaming.

I think I need some kind of personal trainer for revision to stand behind me and shout at me whenever I distract myself.

Lily xXx

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