Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Countdown...

If my maths is right (which it probably isn't if I'm going to be honest...), it's less than 3 weeks until my written exam! Eep! In fact this time in 3 weeks I will probably be revising like a little loon for my OSCE.

I was really upset because my OSCE is on the last date it could be over a 9 day OSCE stretch of exams to fit the whole year in. I'm now breathing a sigh of relief as I get a week more revision than some of my friends, which considering this huge essay I have do is pretty good.

I'm hoping the weather will be poo this weekend so I'm not tempted to go and sit outside. Although it's allowed to be sunny for OSCE revision time as I think sitting the park taking an imaginary history off my imaginary friend might be quite nice.

I have a presentation on Friday. I really should be getting on with it. I think it's going to require a fair amount of blaggage so I hope I don't look like a complete prat. Thankfully over half my group are also presenting that day and I'm pretty near the start so I'm sure everyone will be too busy panicing to notice if I do.

Lily xXx

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