Saturday, 12 March 2011

On Fire

...thankfully not literally. Although my boiler currently sounds like it's about to explode.

I just wanted a little boast.

Even though I've been pretty ill this week I've got 7 sign ups! That leaves me with only 10 left to do. Feeling much more chilled out now that I've got a big chunk of them done.

Unfortunately I can't say my revision has been as successful. I've been scaring myself with onexamination questions, which are brilliant, but show that I have a lot of weak areas. I'm lucky enough to have an amazing FY1 who's quizzing me and teaching me all the time... Apart from this I'm not really sure how to revise. I'm trying to make mini revision cards of stuff I should know by heart when I answer a question wrong or find a weakness. I'm also trying to read the Oxford Handbook and Surgical Talk.

How else can I revise for writtens guys?!

Lily xXx

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