Monday, 21 March 2011

Looking Lazy?!

Time management is becoming a big part of this last rotation. Evidently as I have finals I need to spend a while revising for writtens and a while examining patients each day. I also have to show up to see my firm.

At the moment I'm trying to strike some kind of compromise. I'm turning up at 8, going on ward round, hanging around until lunchtime to do jobs and then buggering off to study. I hope they don't think I'm just being lazy.

I also still have sign ups to get. One of them is a sign up for breaking bad news, something we're not allowed to actually do to real patients by most doctors. A few friends have had theirs signed off by doing role play with doctors, but thus-far I haven't been that lucky. Argh.

Lily xXx

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Chris said...

Eurgh, breaking bad news, I've got that pleasure to come next year. Mind you, I imagine I'll have more presence of mind than to say 'That's the way life goes' to a cancer patient, like I saw on Surgery School.