Friday, 4 March 2011


I'm feeling soooo stressed out...

Being in lectures for a week has made me realise "ARGH!!!! FINALS!!!". This was made infinitely worse from a talk by an FY1 who opened her lecture with "This time last year I'd read all of Kumar and Clarke, could recite each page of the Oxford Handbook... and just didn't know where to go from there" ... Seriously. Fuck off. If I've got to that stage by finals I'll be laughing. She made me feel sick.

I'm also freaking out about sign ups. I've got an 8 week placement left and a hell of a lot of sign ups left to get, including hard stuff like "breaking bad news" that no-one will let us do, and no-one will sign up for doing a role play. Meh.

My final stressage is my flat. I'm either going to sell it or rent it out. This is really making my head want to explode. It sounds like a minor thing, but it means keeping the flat clean. I am so untidy, so this is such an effort. On an amusing note I single handedly tiled the bathroom floor with lino tiles... go me!!

Anyway I should probably go and actually pack for my next placement at another DGH. I'm moving in on Sunday night. It's strange but I've got to the point where guessing what hospital accommodation is like fills me with joy. I think this is because I've stayed in so many dives now that nothing bothers me, I just see the funny side...

Lily xXx

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DoctorFaye said...

Hey, hope your placement goes well and the accomm isn't toooo bad xxx