Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Final Hurdle

I've started my last placement before finals. It seems like the last hurdle before the exams and hopefully qualifying.

I've got off to a bit of a pants start, having to take today off as I practically put myself into acute renal failure, by leaving a kidney infection untreated. Bad move. Except for that though, it's going well.

The accommodation is standard hospital accomm. It's neither exceptionally good, nor bad. We all have a large-ish single room with desk, bed, wardrobe etc. There's then a bathroom shared by the 5 of us in each flat. What is weird is that they've split up my clinical partner and I, so I've hardly seen her all week.

My firm for the first 4 weeks is interesting. I have no consultant, so need to find someone else to sign my book and case study. Otherwise the FY1s are lovely, and the registrars, although seeming a little gruff at times, also seem nice. Nice for surgeons anyway.

Yesterday before I ended up so sick I couldn't work I also managed to do something that was worrying me. Take bloods successfully... first time! Because I've been at GP since Xmas, I was worried that I'd have forgotten how. Very glad that I've got the first blood under my belt. Now I need to get the first cannula of the year and I'll be happy.

Some of you will also be aware of how worried I am about log book sign ups. Not including my case study or educational contract I had 15 left to do this term... I've done 5 already. Big relief. Unfortunately they were 5 easy ones. Hoping to shadow an fy1 on nights next week and maybe get another couple of sign ups there. Would also be useful to get my case study done then as it's when we're on call.

Anyway I'm off back to bed. Hoping a day of sleeping will have me well enough for the wards tomorrow.

Lily xXx

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madsadgirl said...

I hope you are feeling better than you were. I thought that doctors/med students were hypochondriacs so wouldn't leave anything to get so serious.