Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Reality Strikes

Finally, probably a couple of weeks later than I would have liked, the reality of what I have to learn for my exams has hit me.

Yesterday I managed a couple of hours of reading through case studies in a book written by one of the people who writes our exam papers. By this time next week I hope to have written a couple of pages of notes to remind myself of the various drug treatments for things. Then after that, if I keep reading notes and revision-style books I think I might be okay.

Apparently only 1 person failed the written exams last year, I really don't want to be that one. It would be shocking to go down from the top quartile to the only person failing. Sense tells me that because I bothered to turn up to things this year, that even without revision I should probably scrape a pass. It would be nice to do well though. It would also be nice to feel like I'd done enough work so they night before I'm not freaking out.

On Thursday I'm going to BodyWorlds. Sooooo excited. I saw the first one in London when I was at school. I'm treating it as kind of revision. I can use it to remind myself of anatomy. Who am I kidding? It's just going to be a nice day out. Unfortunately beforehand I have to queue at the council offices to get another parking permit as they run out on Monday. I have a feeling that it could be a long and tedious morning.

Lily xXx


Helen said...

I saw Bodyworlds a couple of years ago too. Wish I'd done my A&P diploma at that stage as it would have made more sense. You can use it as a revision aid, but have a bit of a break also and look at it from an artistic side as well. It was all so beautiful and hard to remember these were actual people. (Do you get to practise on cadavers at your med school?)
Hope the queue at the council offices is not too long. At least you have Bodyworlds to look forward to afterwards!

madsadgirl said...

Good luck with the revision and with the exams. I'm sure that you will do well.