Friday, 24 July 2009


I had my exam on Wednesday. I've since been wallowing in a pit of self pity because I am such an idiot.

I had 4 practical stations. 3 of the stations were okay I think. 2 history stations which I'm normally good at but at the time never know if I've done well or badly and a peripheral vascular exam which the examiner naughtily told me I'd passed.

The first station I had I completely buggered up. To make it worse the second I left the station I realised what I'd done wrong. Even more annoyingly it was one of the easiest stations. Lower limb motor examination. I was thrown off at the beginning because I wanted to check the patient's gait and I was told to move on...

I started ok after that. Checked tone. Looked for clonus. Moved onto power. Graded the power. Did reflexes. Was sure there was an ankle reflex but was told that there wasn't. Did it again and couldn't find it. Started worrying I was going mad. Got all flustered. Totally forgot to check for extensor plantar response. Got asked if it was upper or lower motor neurone as the station finished. Was in such a tizz that I can't even remember what I said.

We get the results next week, but I'm not expecting to pass this station. That annoyingly means resitting the station after written exams which is technically the start of the summer hols. Meh.

On the plus side at least I didn't let buggering up the first station put me off for the other three. I'm really really annoyed with myself though. Grrrr.

Lily xXx

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