Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Everyone who knows me, knows that I''m not the most active of people. I must have been the only child at school who hated PE and would have always rather read a book than run around. In fact the only exercise I ever enjoyed was dancing, cycling and horse riding.

As it's getting closer and closer to exams I'm spending more of my time sat on my ample bottom, and less of my time standing up and walking around. I reckoned that this might be why I've been feeling so stressed out... pent up energy perhaps?!

I decided to remedy this, I was going to go for a run. I've been putting off this run for a couple of days, but today the sun was out and someone told me about a lovely trail through the forest. I tugged on my trainers, squeezed into some lycra and I was off...

The trail was lovely. I enjoyed about the first 500m of it. Then the pain set in. Not chest pain, which I often get if I forget my inhaler, not calf pain from weak oxygen-hungry muscles but hip pain?!

I've officially turned into a Granny.

I somehow developed what felt like a trapped nerve in my hip. It was excruciating.

I've decided this is all some higher sign that cross country is not the sport for me. I wish there was a fun, painless and cheap way to get fit! *sigh*

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. said...

oddly enough, I just came back from my run, and (guess what) I have a hip pain as well! I've had it since a very bad fall this winter and it makes me run like a turtle. So I unite with you in your hip pain haha:)

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areeb said...

Try tabata, i was 19 stone 5 ft 11 and now in about 4 months im 15 stone 6ft, you only need 4 minutes of it every other day, and it can raise your metabolism for about 2 days, its quick, cheap but is also painful. I dont know if like me youre overwight, but if yes search paul mckenna i can make you thin, its not a diet but more of changing the way you eat.

Lily said...

Ooooh, my hip pain is after a bad fall 4 years ago. Strange stuff. At least I'm not the only one who runs like a weirdo.

Lucky for me I'm not overweight, I'm just flobby and could do with toning up and getting fit. Thankfully I can pretty much eat what I want... which is usually cake.