Saturday, 16 April 2011


I never thought there would come a day where I actively volunteered to do extra exams. I didn't bank on finals scaring me quite so much. As soon as I was offered the opportunity I signed up for a mock OSCE, or a mosce... which I think just trips off the tongue beautifully.

It was weird doing communication skills stations with the junior doctors we work with, but also very useful. They also went to the trouble of finding us proper patients to examine, with signs and everything. I was baffled by Mr Dexotracardia as I couldn't feel an apex beat on either side. At one point I was just considering saying that he didn't have a heart.

In a way it's made me relax a little more. I now know that I can take a history, examine and explain things. In fact I could probably scrape a pass, so over the next 6 weeks I can work on boosting my confidence and fine tuning things so I go from being OK to being good. It also means I'll feel less bad about taking my birthday off in the run up to exams.

Now I just have to motivate to revise over this week off!

Lily xXx


Dr Grumble said...

I once saw a patient with two hearts. I think he was from South Africa.

Lily said...

Whoa... that would be a head-muddle! Now if I have to do a cardiovascular exam on a South African I'm going to be paranoid that they have 2 hearts.