Thursday, 17 February 2011

Selfish Post

I was going to make my next post about Ask Dr Clarke Surgery, but I've changed my mind because I need to exercise "le rantage", something that I save especially for blogging as my friends get fed up of all the real life rants.

Starting with good stuff... I found out my FY1 placements. I'm doing paeds/general (breast) surgery/geris. This is awesome as I get to do paeds. Even the idea of having to do geri's can't get me down. The hospital I'm at is pretty close to home, so I'll probably end up living with my Dad for a little while at least. I'm not sure my liver can handle that amount of vino.

My FY2 is in an obscure place I used to live as a young child. I'm going to embrace it and be happy as it gives me a chance to go somewhere were I know no-one any more and make lots of new friends. Deep down I think I'd rather be in London.

Because, hopefully, I wont be a student doctor anymore after this summer I've also been thinking about a new blog to start. @trufflethebendy on twitter suggested Scrubs and Pubs. I like this a lot. So this is what it will be. Struggling with making a good layout etc... so if anyone is computer-minded and wants to help, get in touch. If you're super organised you can start to follow it now at, but no actual posts will go up until July... when I graduate and actually become a doctor.

Also, as I'm no longer based in London I need to move. This is where "le rantage" will start.

Firstly this means a massive clean out of the flat. I'm a hoarder. I don't find clearing out easy. In fact I love living in clutter. The thought is stressing me out.

Secondly, estate agents. I probably don't need to say more than that for you to understand my pain, but I will. Talked to 2 estate agents. One says I won't be able to sell it but will be able to rent it, the other says I won't be able to rent it but will be able to sell it. This all makes my head hurt. I just want to sell the sodding flat and move "down saaauf". They're also really slimey. I'm being visited by 2 estate agents next Thursday... I'm going to suggest they strip to their boxers, wrestle each other in my living room while covered in jam, and the winner gets my custom.

Lily xXx

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