Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Riding The Wave

The wave of motivation is approaching the shore, and I am riding high upon it.

Not only have I finished my SSM essay, started the presentation and attended 10+ hr days at placement but I'm getting on top of the extracurriculars. I've finished my fastbleep article (but failed to submit it because basic technology is clearly beyond me), I've read 2 books, bought and read some of a surgery textbook.

As well as all the stuff I've already done, since I'm on a roll, I'm going to keep up the momentum.

Tomorrow I'm spending all day at a simulation/lecture day introducing secondary school children to jobs in healthcare. I'm only a little bit scared by the fact it starts with a lecture on knife crime and then I'm left with them and sharps.

Friday I have another full day at placement. At lunch I'm going to look at what I have left of the prep work for Ask Dr Clarke's revision weekend and finish that off. Friday night will be early to bed because then I'm off to spend 2 days asking Dr Clarke (so to speak) and learning lots (hopefully). I then have 2 days of GP, and on Wednesday a course on travel health with some practice nurses. It all sounds like good fun and I'm excited.

... I will admit that I'm looking forward to my day off next Thursday though!!

Ooooh, and before I forget... I find out my FY1 job on the 15th. Exciting stuff too. I guess it's good to keep busy beforehand to make the time pass quickly.

Lily xXx

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