Saturday, 5 February 2011

Motivation Vs Procrastination

As always procrastination is winning. I think it helps that I have a very untidy flat and as soon as I tidy something up, I get it messy again. Means I always have cleaning to do. I'm also thinking of using a supermarket trip as a big procrastination idea... and if I can get my car started I can drive to the big supermarket next to the cinema and then I can go and see a film too.

I really do need to get some motivation this weekend though. The plan is to have a 1st draft of my 1000 word special study module essay by Sunday, as well as typing up the notes I've made for my Fastbleep article.

If I do that I know I'll feel really good about myself.

So why can't I get started?

Lily xXx

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Fuddled Medic said...

I just set myself little goals i.e. to have done two hours solid revision/work by lunch time, to do another two hours solid by tea time etc.

Easier said then done!