Monday, 18 January 2010

Stressing About Exams

This is going to give you all an insight into how constantly stressed I am.

I'm already getting myself in a tizz about exams this summer. It turns out OSCEs (practical exams) this summer are over 7 days. This is great if I'm timetabled for the first week, but if I'm timetabled for the last 2 days I might have to miss my friend's wedding, which is sandwiched the weekend between.

Seeing the dates has also made me realise how little supervised practice I had of limb examinations last term. By the time it gets to exams I'm going to have to have practiced loads. To make it worse my rotation at the moment has hardly any practical clinical sessions as my group is twice as big as all the others, but with the same amount of clinics as the smaller groups. It's so frustrating, but I shall just have to make the most of the time I've got.

On the plus side I've been really cheerful for the last week or so. Maybe I'm learning how to chill a bit because usually just thinking about exams would have me totally miserable.

Lily xXx


Faye said...


If you want a fellow medical student with bonkers joints to practice examining then I am happy to volunteer one weekend. Have been told I'm very good for it and I'm happy to help. If you want to take me up, drop me an email:

Faye (Year 2 UEA Student)

The Manchester Medic said...

Just backing up Faye's point above, she really does have bonkers joints. Trust me, I've examined them! They are great for examination practice.