Sunday, 10 January 2010


Over the last few days I've had a major cold and sore throat. Not only did I lose my voice (disaster!!!), but I've had a non-stop headache and somehow bit my cheek on the inside while eating an apple and it's sore!

So I'm feeling a little sorry for myself.

To top it off I went to Ikea yesterday. Got a mirror that is about 3mm too big for the space I need it to go in. Grrrr.

After that I went to Lakeside. Husband-to-be got an iPhone (sooooooooooooo jealous), and I was going to get a wii fit. They were sold out everywhere. I've since found wii fit online in Next (who'd have thought?), but I need a wii as well and it all seems pretty expsensive when you add it all together. Especially considering I'm paying for my youngest ferret to have his testibobbles off on Friday.

Overall the weekend has been a bit of a disappointment with the headache and the failed shopping trips. I have a week of lectures next week. I really hope they prove to be exciting otherwise they'll turn January into a pretty disappointing month. There's nothing worse than dragging yourself across London to get to lectures and for them to be rubbish, or even worse... cancelled!

Lily xXx

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alhi said...

I fully recommend the wii and wii fit. Can the testbobbles not be allowed to remain for another while:)