Monday, 25 January 2010


I haven't blogged for a week!

I don't really have an excuse except to say that not much has happened that I've felt I could write about. It's been a slow week at uni due to my firm head being taken ill and otherwise I have pretty much been taking it easy.

The highlight of my week has been getting a Wii Fit. On Friday I tried on wedding dresses and was horrified at what a fat blob I've become in the last year or so. Rather than just mope I'm going to do something about it.

The wii fit is my first step to that, along with lots of healthy eating and reducing my calories. Apparently it turns out that cake is not one of the food groups.... who'd have thought?! Shockingly the wii told me that my BMI was 24.88!!!! That's literally a bag of crisps away from over weight. It's suggested I aim for a BMI of 22... That means losing 1st 2lbs over about 3 months. If I manage that I'll be very pleased with myself.

Amusingly husband-to-be hopped onto the balance board and our BMI's are almost identical. How come it looks so much better to be a man with my BMI than a woman?! Anyway because I can't eat cake he's on a forced cakeless diet. I don't think he's impressed.

Lily xXx


Anonymous said...

who cares, fattie

Lily said...

Clearly you if you're reading it in the first place.

Tofu said...

I've just kicked started my healthy eating regime today too.. hope it goes well for the both of us!