Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Days

Not much has been happening this week.

Went to my new placement for the first day on Tuesday. We got a tour, which is a bit scary when you get into the labour ward and all you can hear are screams. They deliever 6000 babies a year, so the odds of us seeing a couple of births are looking pretty good. After that we had the afternoon off so I thought I'd go home to get psyched for the next day...

Snow, snow, snow...

We've been told not to bother coming in until Monday, when we have a whole week of GUM teaching, not at our placement. So in fact this is going to be a mini placement due to all the time we spend everywhere else.

On wedding updates I'm having some drama with where to have the actual wedding. The reception is already sorted as that will be held by family. I'm Catholic, and husband-to-be is not. In fact he's not any religion. It means a lot for my Dad to see me get married in a Catholic church. Unfortunately due to a work arguement the priest nearest to my Dad told Alan that he hopes his children are born crippled. Lovely. Won't be asking there then.

This morning my Dad called to say the priest at another church fairly close, where my Mum's funeral was, said he'd be pleased to talk to us about it and can't see a problem with us getting married there. Phew. For some reason I'm still nervous about calling him. I doubt my Dad has mentioned that I haven't been to church regularly for some time, and I never got confirmed. I've told myself I'll get brave and call the priest after lunch.

Lily xXx

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Dr.Violet said...

I used to think that a medical student has no time to think of marriage till he/she graduates .. but i've been astonished by the number of married\engaged students here in my medical school!!!

Hoping you have a wonderful marriage life!
Happy new year
Cheers from An iraqi medical student/second year