Monday, 4 January 2010

First Day Excitement

I find the first day of term really exciting. Not only is it a chance to see friends who haven't been seen for a few weeks and catch up, for 4th year it's always an induction day so the catching up is made much easier as we're all at the same campus.

The morning was filled with lots of ring showing off to the girlies, and various lectures about what's expected of us during our obs, gynae and breast rotation. The afternoon was a surprisingly useful and interesting seminar delving into the scary world of sexual histories and intimate examinations.

I've been looking forward to obstetrics since 1st year. I'm not easily embarassed by genitalia or talking about intimate things, and I think that the whole process of childbirth is a completely magical thing. One minute there's only one person and next there's another tiny little person starting out their life.

As well as looking forward to this rotation I also have lots of exciting engagement things happening. We've set a provisional date in summer 2011 (about 2 weeks after the end of term), so I need to get as much of the wedding organised as possible before I need to start revising for finals. Thankfully I'm not too worried about the little details, what matters is that I'm going to be making a big decleration of love and telling the world that I plan on spending the rest of my days with my best friend.

Lily xXx

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The Manchester Medic said...

The thing with O+G is you either love it or hate it. It's good that you enjoy it - I'm sure you'll have a really good placement. Personally I'm not a fan!