Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sleep Mumbles

For quite a while now I've been having problems sleeping. Most of that has been resolved now that I have a super comfy pillow and I make sure the doors to the room the ferrets are in is shut at night so I can't hear them.

Over the last 2 weeks I've been woken up by a new problem. Sleep shouting. I've always mumbled in my sleep which has never been a problem. It doesn't usually wake up whoever is in the room with me and I only know about it because I've been told. More recently I've been waking both myself and the boyf up, shouting out things in my sleep, more than once a night. Sometimes it's just silly things like saying hello to imaginary people, but other times it's quite long sentences at the top of my voice.

Anyone know any good ways to stop this or is it just going to be something I'm stuck with?!

Lily xXx


brokenangel said...

Put a sock in it, sorry no serious suggestions

Gillian said...

are you particularly stressed at the minute? i talk and do weird things in my sleep when im stresed (like taking mirrors off my wall and taking them to another room at 3 in the morning).

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

Try to sleep with a clear mind!