Friday, 2 October 2009


Everything has been going wrong for me the past 2 days. In fact I'm a bit scared to touch the laptop incase I get electrocuted.

Wednesday I slammed the tip of my finger in the door and it's still painful now. Straight after that, in my pain filled haze, I whacked my head on a cupboard and then stubbed my toe on a toolbox the boyf left in the hallway.

Yesterday I thought my bad luck would have come in 3's so I was okay. I was so very wrong. I was knitting socks, or trying to, on quite small needles. Then I went to get a drink, stupidly leaving the knitting on the sofa (can you see where this is going?...). I sat down and then I got a text message, so I half sat up to get the phone and then flopped back down. On the knitting needle. Next thing I was in unbelievable pain and the knitting needle was a good 5cm in my left bum/hip/top of leg area. I paniced and pulled it out and then there was blood everywhere. All over my PJ's, the boyf's dressing gown that I'd stolen and the sofa. Thankfully my sofa is red. Today there's a huge bruise and it hurts to sit down. Clearly knitting is too extreme for me!

Now to make my day worse the water company have shut off the water until 4pm. Because of all of my injuries I haven't washed up for 2 days and wanted to get it done now. I also could really do with washing my hair, I hate not being able to shower when I get up.

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

Oh dear! Rather a lot of accidents. I guess you need to be a little more careful about where you put down your knitting so as to avoid another stabbing. It is definitely a problem when you are using double-pointed needles, because the knitting never seems to lie flat and one needle always seems to be sticking up in the air waiting to attack you with the least provocation. What you need is a knitting bag that you can keep on the floor and into which you place your knitting each time you put it down.

Have you mastered the use of multiple needles now? Is the sock progressing at long last? You'll have to post a picture some time.

I'm guessing that your lack of water is being caused by water main replacement in your area. It seems as though they have finished working in my immediate area (though they are still working nearby) after more than 18 months. I cannot believe how long it has taken them to do this work.

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brokenangel said...

ouch maybe just sit still and do nothing for a few days!

Fizzlemed said...

To make you feel better, I tried to shrug off a lab coat and smacked my hand on a stainless steel book-holder in the anatomy lab. Definitely thought I broke my hand (thankfully, I did not, just bad bone bruise). The next week, I sliced my thumb with a scalpel while trying to un-stuck a stuck blade. Here's to random injurious accidents!