Sunday, 25 October 2009

Medical Machine

This weekend I have been on form.

An essay writing, medical machine.

I've got my drafts for my special study module already done. Hurrah!

As well as being an essay writing machine I've also got some bits and bobs in the flat done. I've chosen the tiles I'm going to retile the bathroom with and have had a bit of a tidy. However my flat still looks like a bomb site, so if anyone really likes tidying please feel free to come and tidy up for me.

The next 6 weeks of my placement are in locomotion. This means I'm going to have to learn some anatomy :-s

Anatomy has never been my strong point. I try and try and try to remember it, and I still fail miserably. I need to spend the next 6 weeks working out a way to retain some anatomy knowledge.

Lily xXx

1 comment:

Rasputin said...

Maybe put postit notes everywhere with little bits and bobs on, or try the anatomy colouring book (both fun and child friendly! :D)