Monday, 2 August 2010


It's hard to know what to write about at the moment. I don't want to tell all about this part of my elective just yet as I fancy writing up the highlights once it's all done, rather than dribs and drabs as they happen.

Without giving too much away I can say that I'm really enjoying myself. Even the shockingly early mornings and 12 hour shifts aren't dampening my mood.

What has dampened my mood however is the injury I accidentally gave myself on Saturday night. I was helping my Dad cook and realised that the bits he was frying were burning. I picked up a pair of tongs to turn the food over and before I even got the tongs close a huge splat of burning oil jumped out of the pan and bit me.

I now have huge blobs of deep partial thickness burns all up my arm. It looks horrible and the night it happened was so painful I spent a lot of the evening in tears. Thankfully the burns are pretty numb now. Fingers crossed they won't scar too much... I wonder if bio-oil would help?!

Lily xXx


alhi said...

i rubbed bio-oil into my hip replacement scar and it's scarcely noticeable. Also using it on my chickenpox scars on my face. Recently changed to the new Clinique product but bio-oil is worth a tr.

brokenangel said...

Definatly bio oil them as soon as they have healed. Work wonders that stuff

Julie said...

Honey's pretty good for burns as well. Just get the ordinary stuff from the supermarket;it works better than Manuka.