Monday, 23 August 2010

First Placement Over :-(

The first part of my elective is done.

I'll probably never get to ride in an ambulance as an observer again, and I'm very much hoping I won't have to ride in one as a patient either. Not that I don't think they're wonderful. They are. But still... I'd rather not get ill/injured.

I'm going to really miss it.

Everyone was so friendly and lovely to me. The banter was great. The patients were partially interesting, partially horrifying, partially frustrating... but all part of a great learning experience.

What I won't miss however is sitting around for 3 hours with no jobs, going to take a bite into a sandwich... getting a job before I've even sunk my teeth in and then not stopping until 45 minutes after we were supposed to be at home.

I've learnt some valuable things I'll never forget.

1. Listen to paramedics doing handovers. They met the patient before anyone in the hospital.

2. Coffee is not a luxury, it is like petrol for people. For this reason nice ambulance people should be given cups of coffee at every opportunity.

3. Paramedics have loooooong shifts, have to sit in a van with smelly patients and deal with grumpy and abusive people. I should be thankful I'm not locked in a van with all of my patients.

4. "Foxtrot Oscar" ... my favourite technical term of the placement.

Now this placement is done I'm finally getting excited about part 2 of my elective which is a week away from now. I spent a small fortune (well a large fortune to me), on suntan lotion and mozzie repellent. Tomorrow I'm driving back to London to sort out all the bits and bobs I need from my flat. Soooooo exciting.

I always forget to pack something obscure yet important though. Any tips about what to pack for a beachy elective in the South Pacific?!

Lily xXx


Allie said...

Congrats to you on being done!

Where are you going to? (if you don't mind me asking :D)

Lily said...