Saturday, 13 March 2010


Ok... I've done something stupid.

Instead of pressing "publish", I pressed "reject" and erased all the comments I've got this week :(

It was entirely unintentional!!

Thanks for everyone's motivating comments, you'll be pleased to know I've done over half my giant essay... so next week I should finish it totally... hurrah!

To the prospective medical student who wanted to know about a particular London medical school, drop me an email at and I'll be able to fill you in on all the details!

Lily xXx

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madsadgirl said...

I'm hurt. Fancy deleting my lovely comment about how you will undoubtedly get your motivation back. I guess we can put it down to lack of practice as you don't have internet access where you are staying during the week. And I must have been right about your motivation because you have done half of your elective essay. Well done, and I look forward to seeing you when you get back to base.