Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lost... Reward Offered!

My motivation.

If found please email me, or just pop it through my letter box.

I'm offering a reward of cupcakes. Really nice cupcakes. Made by me.

I still need to finish tiling the bathroom, clean the whole flat, write a 6000 word essay and revise for my end of rotation exams. I also need the motivation to go into uni, which uptil now I have had, but the thought of another 2 weeks fills me with dread and longing for my bed.

I don't know where my motivation has gone as this little attachment in a DGH hospital is actually pretty good.

The consultant is funny, really nice but also good at teaching. The accomodation is also suprisingly nice. The beds are really uncomfy, but otherwise it's clean and pretty spacious. I also only have to share a bathroom with my clinical partner... so there's none of that usual shampoo theft that happens on peripheral placement.

Lily xXx

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