Thursday, 20 November 2008

My Week At Medical School - Thursday

9.00: Hurray! A proper lie-in. Finally get up at 9 and still have lots of time to get ready. This is pretty much the case every Thursday of this rotation which is nice.

11.00: Arrive at uni for my special study module seminar. As I've picked a non-scientific topic, which interests me greatly, this seminar is no great chore. In fact I really look forward to this. Even the fact that it take a couple of hours a week preparation doesn't put me off at all.

13.00: Grab a coffee and a nibble for lunch. Catch up on all the gossip with my clinical partner who was in the hospital this morning. It's amazing how much can happen in the few hours that I'm not there.

13.30: Off to an ENT outpatients clinic. These have an awful reputation. A couple of weeks ago the ENT doctors actually made two of my friends cry. I was so nervous when I arrived and convinced I'd hate it. The second I walked into the outpatients department I felt at home. The receoptionist was lovely, the nurse was so helpful and really friendly and most importantly the doctor I was sitting with wasn't a complete monster. In fact he was one of the nicest people I've had teach me since I started at uni. We didn't see that many patients but those we did he really involved me in the consultation and let me examine everyone. He then also went through lots of sign up skills he didn't have to because we had the extra time. Now I only have 7 sign-up skills left to get, which is less than 2 a week. I think that might be manageable. I have this huge fear about getting to the last week and having to cram everything in. Hopefully tomorrow I may be able to get another sign off as I have a GP placement in the afternoon/evening.

16.15: Finished outpatients because it was quiet. Tottered home nice and early. Walked from the train station as opposed to getting the bus because I had the time to kill.

17.00: Got home and chilled out. I even managed to cook some yummy tuna pasta. Before I realised what happened I had fallen asleep on the sofa though, so I haven't tidied up at all, even though the boyfriend is coming to stay tomorrow. Thankfully he loves me even though I'm incredibly untidy. I'll just have to try and shove everything under my bed.

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

Obviously a much easier day today. It's good that you had such a great experience at this afternoon's clinic too, especially as you went to it feeling apprehensive.

Dragonfly said...

Must be related to an ENT I once spent a few days with.