Sunday, 23 November 2008

Lazy Sunday

After last night's printing panic, where word would not do what I wanted, I'm having a calm and relaxed Sunday. I ended up staying awake past midnight feeding paper into the printer in 4 different ways so that I could get what I wanted printed how I wanted (probably more due to me not understanding word than anything else). I then had to do lots of cutting and numbering before I'd finished my errand and could go to sleep. Lucky for me the boyf helped out a lot and I got to calm down with a glass of beer after almost throwing the printer across the room in a temper tantrum.

Why is it always that I have so much uni work and house work to do on a Sunday. In all fairness I haven't done any work all weekend but I know that I should do an hour or two before bed tonight. That wouldn't be so bad if my flat didn't look like a bomb had hit it. For some reason I always get it into a right mess whenever I'm not on my own.

We also got no painting done yesterday. Instead we got up late and spent ages in town. This was my fault. I had to get my niece a present for her 8th birthday and spent ages choosing. In the end I settled for a funky dungaree dress with hippy flowers embroidered on it, a stripy and glittery hat/scarf and a kit with all the bits to make lots of girly hair accessories. I then spent over an hour trying to find shoes to go with my ball dress. As I only spent £20 on a ball dress I had a budget of upto £30 to get shoes I could wear to the ball and out partying. They had to have pretty high heels as I'm so short but also had to be comfortable. In the end I found some gorgeous black stiletto platforms that add a good 4" to my height, thus stopping my dress dragging in puddles. Hurrah! As a bonus they were only £25 and I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of them. By Thursday morning I should have a pretty good idea whether or not they're comfortable too, but just wearing them in my flat for an hour they felt really comfortable.

Anyway I'm going to watch a film and then try and get a little productive, tidying my flat and doing some work. Or maybe I'll just watch 2 films, or even 3 films....

Lily xXx

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Tofu said...

" For some reason I always get it into a right mess whenever I'm not on my own."

- i guess when we have people round it sort of feels bad to start tidying up around them, and so the mess just builds up with their stay... sadly