Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Muddled Head

I don't feel quite right today. I've had a headache since yesterday afternoon and my brain just feels all mixed up. I gave up on being in the hospital after ward round today and went for a nap, which hasn't really changed or improved matters.

I really don't want to be ill!! Noooo

I've been feeling too grotty to even add anything more to my Nanowrimo, which is a pathetic 772 words long.

Fingers crossed I'll wake up tomorrow feeling like a new person. I want to make a game plan to get more sign ups this week. I managed to get another 2 today... hurrah! Some of the sign ups we have are really stupid though, whereas others seem near impossible. "Watch a barium enema" - Well I would if the hospital trust I was at did them anymore.

I've decided to be sensible this weekend and give up partying to instead do my Elective Poster. No more last minute rushing around for me this year. No no no. This year I'm going to be organised and calm (or at least as calm as I can be with finals looming!).

Lily xXx

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