Monday, 15 November 2010

Chugging Along

Sorry I've been a bit lax at blogging over the last week, but as I've really just been chugging along I didn't see much point in boring you with what I was having for breakfast (an apple today, sometimes musli... quite often mini rolls), or something equally as dull.

Today I changed placement. I am now doing geris. Those of you who've been reading this for a while will know that there is no love lost between geriatrics and myself.

In fact I detest it.

This is no critacism of geriatricians. In fact I really admire them. They have to be good general physicians, patient, able to work effectively within a multi disciplinary team, they have to see the bigger picture with regards to patient's social as well as medical needs and they have to deal with lots of really sad stuff. It's the sad stuff that gets me down. The nutty old people are OK.

First day has been OK. I've sorted out when I'm clerking for my case study. I did a few really scutty errands that have hopefully earned me some brownie points and I managed not to fall asleep. This was so mean feat as I was up pretty late last night with a friend.

During this week I'm also going to get to experience the acute admissions ward. I'm excited about being able to go back to clerking patients in properly and examining people. It will also help with revising for my mock OSCE I'm guessing. Not that I'm planning to do much work. Seriously... an exam on a Saturday 6 months before the real things. I'm still waiting for them to say they're having a laugh.

Lily xXx

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