Sunday, 23 August 2009

Transport Worries

With roadworks etc it'll take me almost 2 horus to get to my next hospital placement in the morning. It's a half hour bike ride according to TFL.

So off I went to get a folding bike. It's red and shiney. I've kind of forgotten hwo to cycle, but I had a practice the other day and apart from being wobbly I was OK-ish. There are a few problems I came across.

1. Cycling is hard work... I forgot my inhaler. Had an asthma attack. Not clever.

2. I kept slipping off the front of my saddle. Why? Any tips on how to stop that would be appriciated.

3. Gears... wtf?! I have no idea what to do with those.

Any cycling in London tips would be muchly appriciated.

Lily xXx


brokenangel said...

Tut tut in a few years you be reminding people to take their inhalers. Gears it that same as driving increase the gear as you increase the speed, down shift going up hills etc....well thats what ive always been taught

Helen said...

Tip the saddle so it sits *slightly* at an angle pointing upwards at the front. I had to do this. But remember to tighten the nut again otherwise you'll suddenly slip off when it reverts to horizontal!

BTW I don't think a previous comment of mine got published - it was just to say well done on the exma results and you need to believe in yourself a little more!

Helen said...

Oh and wear a helmet and high vis jacket - I am nowhere near London but can imagine these are essentials. Also I read somewhere that cyclists should assert their position on the road and not try to stay as near the pavement as possible - it's actually safer