Monday, 10 August 2009

Results Tomorrow

Tomorrow midday is apparently when we'll be told whether or not we need to resit any exams. I say apparently as my medical school is renowned for it's poor organization. Fingers crossed it will be on time for once as the first resit is at the end of this week.

As true evidence to what a geek I am, I keep having nightmares about having failed the written exams. The horrible thing is that if the written exams are failed, you then have to sit the huge OSCE that passing the practical exams exempts you from as well as resitting the written papers.

I was planning to do something to distract myself but I'm feeling awful today. It's probably just tiredness as I had such a busy weekend. On Friday I took the ferret for his injection. Over the weekend everyone fell in love with him as he was being exceptionally sweet. All cuddles and napping on my knee and no nipping at all. Now he's at home he's back to being super hyperactive and nibbling my toes at every opportunity.

Friday night I went and had a huge curry with my Dad and his girlf. This fuelled me up for Saturday. In the day I manned (or womanned to be exact) the bbq at the boyf's niece's 1st birthday party. Whoever said bbqing was a man's job hasn't met me. Queen of bbqs. After that was a friend's birthday party which ended up in a nights clubbing. I ended up sleeping in until midday and then suffering an awful hangover. I only get hangovers when drinking the cheap alcopops they sell at this club. I think I'll make a point of not doing it again any time soon.

Today I'm hoping to tidy up a bit and otherwise just chill out. Make the most of what may be the last day of my summer holidays if I have to resit.

Lily xXx

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madsadgirl said...

I have my fingers crossed for you, but I am sure that you have done well.