Thursday, 6 August 2009

Summer Hols At Last!

So, yet again I've left it ages before posting, but the last week has been pretty manic. I spent the weekend before exams babysitting the boyf's niece. She was amazingly well behaved for a year old toddler. We put her in bed before 8pm and she wasn't up again until after 7am, and even then she just wanted a bottle.

The most major thing that's happened has been my exams. Clearly. Thankfully they're over. Or at least they're over for now. Results come out on the 11th of this month and if I've failed I'll have to take them all again and do a huge OSCE. Pressure.

The exams were quite strange. Multiple guess as always. The first one was fairly hard but not impossible, the second one was just microbiology which was unfortunate as we were all under the impression that we were studying medicine. We'd also all been told not to learn all the intricacies of bacteria names and precisely what they all do. They lied. The whole exam was that. One student who was resitting the year was stunned because it was so random compared to the year before. Thankfully the final exam was pretty reasonable. Now I just have to wait until Tuesday to find out. I only have to get an average of 50% over all 3 exams so I'm trying not to worry about it.

Since then I've been chilling out a bit. Tomorrow the ferret is getting his injection and then Saturday I have the boyf's niece's 1st birthday party to enjoy and in the evening one of my best friend's birthdays. Yay!

Lily xXx

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Caitlin said...

I hope your results go well :) x