Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Nauseating Realisation

I thought since I've chilled out all holiday so far (except a little bit of bar work), that I should probably spare a few moments to think of medicine. Not wanting to do something too stressful I decided to make a list of revision topics so that I can make a proper revision timetable.

My list of revision topics spans 17 pages.

I have until the beginning of May to write revision notes for and learn 17 pages worth of topics.


This isn't including OSCE (practical exam) revision.

Double bugger.

I got a Kindle for Xmas so I've got even more reason to be distracted.

Triple bugger.

On the plus side I've booked 4 different revision courses. My bank manager would probably argue when I say this is a positive thing.

I'm going to both the medicine and surgery days from the MDU and Ask Dr Clarke. These should not only fill me with knowledge, but give me a pile of extra notes to revise from too. Apparently they're also partially OSCE orientated, so it'll relieve me of the worry that I'm not going to have the time to revise for OSCE until after writtens.

I need to work out some kind of attainable revision timetable now. There's nothing worse than aiming too high with revision and then getting all disheartened and wanting to quit once I'm a day or two behind. I need to balance this with not aiming too low with revision and sauntering off to the pub after 10 minutes. Oh how I love the pub more than the library.

Lily xXx

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