Friday, 3 December 2010

Feeling Festive

Again it's been over a week since I blogged. Sorry.

Partly this is due to the rubbish internet connection which frustrates me for hours each day, partly this is just because I am rubbish.

It's been a varied week.

I spent last weekend at home. Well what was left of the weekend after the exam on Saturday. It was surprisingly OK considering I had done no revision. Psych wasn't. I was asked to ilict the first rank symptoms of schizophrenia. Great if I had remembered thought insertion and withdrawl. Oops. I was also annoyed at the ECG station. The examiner was convinced that I had the pads in the wrong place and that v1 and v2 should be in the 2nd intercostal space. Wrong. It's the 4th. I stuck to my guns and was marked down, but then went and checked afterwards. Bloody cheeky cardiology SHO.

Had the results yesterday and I did OK. With no revision I passed all except 2 stations. I didn't pass them as well as I would have liked had I have done revision, but it's allowed me to breath a sigh of relief. I'm clearly not as rubbish as I could be and I can spend the next few months getting things perfected.

The rest of the weekend was spent drinking too many vodka's with the new boy and his mates, at a naked photo shoot (arty, not pornographic) and then battling through the snow back to placement.

I spend the first 2 days of the week ill in bed, and the second 2 working very hard indeed as we seemed to have so much snow no-one could get to work and the poor new fy1 was abandoned to look after over 30 patients on his own.

I have another exam today. Great. On pharmacy and prescribing. Even better. I'm actually dreading it....

Lily xXx

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