Thursday, 30 September 2010

Love At First Sight

From the moment I stepped of the plane I knew that I was in love with Samoa.

But now I'm back in the real world. Final year starts on Monday, along with the opening of the foundation application. It's going to be a busy and tough academic year.

So as I have a couple of days left before it starts I'll use the time to daydream about Samoa and reflect on the amazing time I had.

I can't pretend that it was a taxing elective placement. It was incredibly laid back, but even with that I felt I've learnt something. I encountered diseased like rheumatic fever and typhoid that I haven't seen at home and I practised my auscultation skills, hearing lots of interesting chest crackles.

What has been more valuable than the medicine, are the life experiences. I conquered my fear of water slides by sliding off mini waterfalls, and my fear of swimming under water by snorkelling in coral with shoals of tropical fish. I've climbed craters in rainforests, driven down dirt tracks and slept in a thatched hut during a tropical rain storm.

I have memories that I'll smile about for the rest of my life. It's also given me a chance to chill out and relax... something I've really needed after this year. I'm going to be starting term in a very good mood. That is if I get over the jet lag and don't chew off my own legs to stop the itching from the mozzie bites!

Tomorrow I'm doing my favourite part of the new academic year ritual. Buying stationary. I shall be walking around all the local bookshops sniffing notepads and caressing nice pencils and pens. Mmmmmm. Joy.

Life is good!

Lily xXx


Tofu said...

Ooooh final year and foundation applications! so so so close to graduating now ^^ - Good luck!!

madsadgirl said...

I've just been catching up on your elective and so pleased that you had a great time. Now the really hard work starts but you are also so much closer to the end of it all too and it won't be too long before I have to call you 'Doctor', always assuming that you will still want to talk to me.

Once you are settled back into a routine and know when you are free we will have to meet up for coffee so that I can get all the news that hasn't made it into the blog.