Sunday, 18 July 2010

Time Flies

This time next week will be the night before my elective starts.

That means that this time last week will be my last night of "real" holiday before 5th year. Something tells me that elective should be even better than having holiday time though.

Over this week I've got lots planned. The first part of the week will be taken up helping a friend revise for her OSCE exams and dinner with a friend before they jet off to America. The middle part cooking an amazing meal for my Dad's birthday. Then the weekend at Farnborough Air Show with my Dad and some of his friends. It will really be non-stop.

The first 4 weeks of my elective are still in drizzly, windy and recently gloomy England. I'm spending time with an ambulance service. Soooooo excited. Fingers crossed early next week the guy who's organised it for me will email me with what I'm doing and where to go. I also need to ask him what I should wear. Sounds like a pointless girly question... but really... What should I wear?!

I then have a week to recover from the excitement and long days of the ambulance service before I have to hop on a plane for 25 hours. Well 2 planes actually, and 3 of those hours are at an airport. Then I'll be landing in Samoa. It sounds cheeky but I'm hoping that Samoa will be quite laid back. I definitely want to learn medical things, but I also want to get a chance to explore the islands and the culture. I haven't really decided what to pack yet except 4 bikinis, a couple of pairs of linen trousers and a pile of T-shirts.

Lily xXx

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Simon said...

Have a great time.

From my experience of foreign electives, it is likely that the staff there will realise that having flown half way round the world, you'd quite like to see some of the country as well as work. So you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting time off to go sightseeing and work on your suntan!