Monday, 5 July 2010

Surprise, Surprise

Believe it or not, admin messed up again.

I have a feeling this is starting to turn me into a bitter person.

On the plus side when written exam results were due out on Friday, although we didn't get our marks they did let us know whether or not we passed or failed. I passed thank goodness!

Fingers crossed today I shall get to find out my actual mark.

The uni has also claimed that next years GP placements are being released today. I'm a little miffed as due to being short on time they've missed a whole stage of ranking placements. Originally we were supposed to rank the areas of London, then we'd get allocated an area and we could rank much smaller areas within that large area. As it stands I've pretty much chosen an area which is about 1/4 of London. I could end up with a pretty big commute next year.

I'm finding it very hard to concentrate on OSCE revision. I have a week to go... Does anyone have any tips on the best way to revise OSCEs?! Tomorrow I'm meeting up with a friend to practice some examinations, but otherwise I'm pretty much reading the book and taking histories off Teddy C.

Lily xXx


Fuddled Medic said...

For each potential station I would make a list of things to do, so for respiratory system the first few things could be

1)Intro/consent/expose+position patient
2)Look at the patient and around the bedside

Or just watch all the relevant videos on youtube

madsadgirl said...

Glad you passed. One hurdle down, one to go. Good luck for the OSCE.