Sunday, 21 February 2010

So Much Food

So much for a wedding diet.

Today I have eaten soooo much (and so naughtily!)

I had a cooked breakfast, some chocolate, a roast dinner (with delicious crispy roast potatoes....mmmmm) and then about half a family sized apple pie with ice cream. I'm so full I can hardly move. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to be very good during the week to make up for it!

I'm finding that now I'm having some exceptionally long days at uni I'm really appriciating my weekends.

I have to leave the flat at about 6.45am tomorrow :(

It's going to be a busy day with learning how to catheterise women in day surgery and then hopefully getting to do lots of speculum examinations in colposcopy. Excitingly I have Tuesday off but I have a huge 5000 word project to write to do with my elective. I'm hoping to get some of the more easy bits of that done, and perhaps start planning the more difficult bits. No doubt with such a long day on Monday I'll end up sleeping in far too long on Tuesday! Oops in advance.

Lily xXx

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