Sunday, 28 February 2010


It's happening again.

Uni is sending me out of the capital and into the "countryside". Although I'm pretty sure where I'm going doesn't count as officially countryside, just less city-like than London.

I've got 3 weeks of being at a DGH, no internet and loads of work to do. Great.

The worst thing is having no idea what it will be like. The rooms at my last DGH placement were OK... what if these are AWFUL? What if we get about half an hour of warm water a day?

I also feel a bit naughty. I have to have the second day of my peripheral placement off. It's not strictly skiving, I'm having a coil fitted (TMI... I know!) and it was the soonest appointment I could get. The next appointment was during exams... which just isn't fun.

On the plus side the two other girls from my firm are lovely, so it will be a pleasure to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with them. There are some people from other groups too who won't be doing obs and gynae, but overall it makes quite a sizeable group of us.

Next time I'm blogging I'm sure I'll have loads to say from this peripheral, as I know I've been pretty much just wittering on about nothing for the last couple of weeks.

Lily xXx


brokenangel said...

Good luck for your treck to the country

madsadgirl said...

Hope that all goes well while you are away. We'll meet for tea when you get back.