Sunday, 26 October 2008

Chilled Out Weekends = Happy Lily

Now I'm doing long days at uni I'm being a bit of a rebel. I'm taking the weekends pretty much off. From Friday evening through until Sunday evening I don't even think about uni. The old me would have really worried about this and tried to do lots of little bits of work and been permanently stressed. The new me is really liking this. I've realised how much good it does me to switch off for a couple of days. I now actually feel rejuvinated after the weekend.

However, I am worrying that overall I'm not doing enough work. I just really don't know what to do. I don't seem to be absorbing anything by reading books, and to be fair most textbooks are far too dull to read for anymore than an hour without dying inside. I have my second Student Grand Round presentation coming up in the not too distant future so that should keep me feeling like I'm doing some work for the beginning of the week, but after that's done I'll slow to a halt again.

My biggest dilemma this week is what to dress up as for halloween?! Any suggestions would be much appriciated!

Lily xXx

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Lele said...

How about a gangster of the classic nerd? This morning I watched Dita von Tease say she likes to dress up as a 'normal girl' with bronzer and jeans lol.